Terms of Service

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For a summary of NTPC Terms and Conditions of Service please see below:

1.    How do I go about establishing a New Account? -  Section 4.1

To set up an account with NTPC you need to sign a Customer Service Order, which lists your address. You will required to pay a security deposit or provide a letter of good credit history for the last 12 months from a utility service. See Schedule C for Connection Fees and Security Deposits.

2.    Why can’t I get an account in my name? -  Section 4.5 & 5.2

There may be several reasons why an account cannot be created for you. However, if you have not paid your bills in the past, you will need to settle all your old accounts, sign a Customer Service Order and pay a deposit before service in your name can be reconnected.

3.    Why should I have to pay a security deposit and how much is it? -  Section 5.7 & 5.8

The security deposit is accepted as a guarantee your NTPC account will be paid monthly. For Residential customers, the amount of the deposit is $300. Housing tenants must deposit $100. Business users are charged a deposit equal to the two highest month’s estimated service.

4.    How is the basic charge on my bill determined? - Schedule C

The basic charge is the amount on your monthly bill that relates to the cost of poles and lines to bring electricity to your home or business.  Residential customers are charged $18, businesses are charged $40.

5.    How do I know what my electricity rate is for my community? 

Service categories covered on this website include Residential and Business. To locate your residential rate choose your community under Customer Service Residential -> What’s My Power Rate? For business rates in your community, choose your community under Customer Service -> Business Service -> Business Rates?

For information on Government, General Service and Industrial rates contact your regional office or NTPC headquarters.

6.    Why does NTPC have to estimate my read? -  Section 12.0

NTPC must be able to access your meter at all times. If NTPC is unable to read your meter due to weather, locked doors, vandalized equipment or equipment failure, NTPC will estimate your use. You must pay the amount billed, and any necessary adjustments will be made to the next invoice as soon as the meter can be read.

7.    Why does my bill have a late charge on it? -  Section 12.3 & 12.2 & 12.6

All invoices must be fully paid on time. Any adjustments for over-billing or under-billing will only be made on the invoice following discovery of the error. Where accounts are delivered by hand they must be paid on delivery, if by mail within 21 days of the date of the invoice, and if by fax or electronic mail within 24 hours. Whether or not a customer receives the invoice, the amount for that month is due and late charges are applied when payment is overdue.

8.    What do I do when I don’t receive a power bill? -  Section 12.3

Accounts are due as noted in Item 7. If you do not receive a bill for some reason, to avoid late payment charges, use your NTPC account number to check your invoice amount online, or call 1-855-575-6872 to find out what you owe, and pay the amount as soon as possible.

9.    How do I get my security deposit back? -  Section 5.9 & 5.10

Security deposits are held by NTPC and earn interest at the bank’s daily interest savings rate at the end of each month. Security deposits may be applied to the customer’s account after one year of good credit history, or when the customer cancels service.

10.  Why did I receive a disconnect notice? - Section 16.3

If your monthly invoice is not paid within 28 days of the invoice date, NTPC may issue a 48-hour notice of disconnection. If accounts are not paid within that 48- hour period, service will be disconnected. Service may only be reconnected once all arrears, a new security deposit and any interest/fees are paid in full. As an alternative, in winter, NTPC may install a device to limit the amount of power delivered to the residence or business.

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