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What can I do if I have trouble paying my electricity bill?

The Government of the Northwest Territories' Income Assistance Program may be able to help. For information on how the program may assist in meeting your needs, please visit

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How do I check my current bill?                                                                                                       

Locate your Account Number on a recent NTPC invoice and go to MyNTPC at the top of your screen. Enter your password.  Choose Bills from the top menu, and click on the most recent one at the top of the list.

How do I change my password?                                                                                                           

Choose preferences from the top menu. You can change your password, your billing address and your email here.  If you have more than one account you can create a connection here. 

 What is a rate rider?

A rate rider is a temporary, additional rate on your bill, separate from the basic rates. Rate riders are intended to recover costs or refund money for something that is temporary, or caused by factors outside of NTPC’s control.

What is a GRA?

GRA stands for General Rate Application. It’s the process by which NTPC applies to the Public Utilities Board to change how much customer pay for power or make other changes to the way NTPC conducts business.

Why is the NWT stabilization rate rider territory-wide?

As part of the GNWT’s review on power rates, regulation and subsidies in 2011/12, it was decided to eliminate community based rates and create rate zones. As part of this process, NTPC was also directed to create a single, territory-wide stabilization fund. Having a larger, territory-wide stabilization fund means that riders are less frequent and smaller. 

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